Day One!

New beginnings!
It arrived today, my Cricut, my Create!

Why a Create?
I'm an OLD crafter and like to travel.
And when I travel I like to take my paper crafting supplies along with me.
The answer was easy!
The portability of the Personal
The features of the Expressions.
(besides I have a dear friend who has the new Pink Expressions and she has kindly offered her machine for those times I need to cut larger sized boxes, bags, and tags.)

So....... you ask..
You're an old crafter?
Why just now purchasing a Cricut?
or were you speaking entirely of age?

I am chronologically old compared to many of the young crafty gals out and about these days and definitely older when I count up the years I have been paper crafting. A scrap booker turned card maker and stamper down the path of development. My first die-cutting tool was what actually opened the world of scrapbooking for me. A Christmas gift from my Mother.. the one BEFORE the squeeze. It was RED.. a limited edition. I was in 7th heaven and as a new die cutting tool came out I promptly added it to my collection.
About the time the Cricut hit papercrafting scene my interests turned to cardmaking and particularly rubber and acrylic stamping. My time, my energies and particularly my budget followed my interest and any thought of a BUG in my craftroom was put on a shelf until a friend, who says she doesn't need a dog.. she has a Cricut, said
You're a cardmaker and you don't have a Cricut?
Cricut and cardmaking go hand in hand! Let me show you!
Well, she did and I was hooked.

I hope you will look in often and follow my progress.


Judith A. Novak said...
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TwoSpecialWires said...

OK. Before we get started, in case any of your readers and followers read and question our comments, let us explain. WE are Jake and Fergi. Auntie Judith's technology savvy wire fox terrier niece and nephew, who just so happen to live with our Moma, Auntie Judith's baby (hehehe) sister. And WE are the ones who blog in this household. So, in case you question it at all, YES, Dogs DO Blog. Lots of them. We do have a voice and we'll share our thoughts right here, on Auntie Judith's wonderful blog. (Of course we expect some compensation come spring when we see her again!)

So. About this post. We weren't around yet when those very first QuicKutz die cutting tools arrived, but we've been around to watch the ongoing accumulation. And it just keeps getting better and better. What will show up on this blog is definitely going to be worth following. So ... dear readers ... click on the little "Following" icon and follow along.

Hey! Where is it?

Love ya, Auntie,
Jake and Fergi

Glenna Hanson said...

I loved your story about you paper crafting saga. How cute. YOur work work is beautiful.