Paying It Forward..

If you haven't already had an opportunity, be sure to look in on Trudy's True's Gifts From the Heart blog. She is not only celebrating 30,000 hits on her blog but also a birthday ending in THREE! To celebrate look what she is offering as a prize! And while you are at it.. be sure and wish her Happy Birthday!
Just click on the link or on the yummy picture to find out how you can have a chance of winning.


TwoSpecialWires said...

Before we comment, we've gotta go check out that link to see if there's any teeny tiny remote chance the prize might be dog treats.


OK. We're back. That's a pretty sparkly glittery box of candy. (Candy?) OK. May not be edible, but sure could decorate some mighty nice cards designed to be sent to you-know-who's house with a little dog treat gift certificate tucked inside. We wish you luck - and inspiration. Winner or not, you're a pawsome auntie who makes totally amazing cards.

Jake and Fergs